14th Coastal Battery
Formed 1939
Branch British Columbia Army
Part of' Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery
Size 1 batteries
Regimental HQ Bella Bella
Abbreviation 14 C Bty
March British Grenadiers
Motto Latin: Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt (Whither Right and Glory Lead); Ubique (Everywhere)
Colonel-in-Chief HM the Queen
Nickname The Gunners
Tactical Flash

The 14th Coastal Battery, RBCA is a unit of the BC Army, and is one of the dedicated coast defence missile batteries of the Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery. Although formally the single-battery unit is designated an active force formation, only A Troop is actually active force; B Troop is manned by members of the Militia.

Some ranks in Royal BC Artillery units are different from those in other Army units. Specifically, in in all units of the Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery a Private is called a Gunner (Gnr), a Lance Corporal is called a Lance Bombardier (L Bdr) and a Corporal is called a Bombardier (Bdr).

History Edit

The 14th Coastal Battery was formed at Bella Bella in 1939 with two twin QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval guns, one Bofors QF 40 mm anti-aircraft guns and two searchlights to protect the naval base.

In 1948 the unit was relegated to Militia status, and in 1950 the naval guns were removed, replaced by two 8-inch Gun M1 203 mm heavy guns, and a second Bofors AA gun was added. In 1979 the heavy guns were removed and Gabriel III surface-to-surface missile launchers were positioned on fixed emplacements. After receiving the Hsiung Feng II surface-to-surface missile on towed launchers in 2006, the Gabriel positions were removed in 2007.

Regimental Alliances Edit