29th Coastal Battery
Formed 1940
Branch British Columbia Army
Part of' Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery
Size 1 batteries
Regimental HQ Nanaimo
Abbreviation 29 C Bty
March British Grenadiers
Motto Latin: Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt (Whither Right and Glory Lead); Ubique (Everywhere)
Colonel-in-Chief HM the Queen
Nickname The Gunners
Tactical Flash

The 29th Coastal Battery, RBCA is a unit of the BC Army, and is one of the artillery batteries of the Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery.

Some ranks in Royal BC Artillery units are different from those in other Army units. Specifically, in in all units of the Royal Regiment of British Columbia Artillery a Private is called a Gunner (Gnr), a Lance Corporal is called a Lance Bombardier (L Bdr) and a Corporal is called a Bombardier (Bdr).

History Edit

The 29th Coastal Battery was formed at Yorke Island in 1939 with three twin QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval guns, one Bofors QF 40 mm anti-aircraft guns and two searchlights to protect the naval base. In 1941 the 12-pounders were replaced by three 8-inch Gun M1 203 mm heavy guns, which in 1942 were supplemented with two Mk. 7 6-inch guns on Mk. 2 mounts transferred from the 10th Coastal Battery at Stanley Park, Vancouver.

In 1946, the unit was relegated to Militia status and was moved from Yorke Island to Nanaimo, retaining only the 8-inch heavy guns whose number was increased to eight. Since 1959 the unit trains and functions exclusively as field artillery, though retaining the name for historical purposes.

Regimental Alliances Edit