Dominion of British Columbia
Nesaikas Illahee (Chinook Wawa)
Flag Bc-civil
Coat of Arms Bc-coa
Motto Splendor sine Occasu (Latin)
"Splendour without Diminishment"
Anthem "British Columbia Marching Song"
Royal Anthem "God Save the Queen"
New Westminster
Largest City Vancouver
Official Languages English
Chinook Wawa
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor General Xweliqweltel Point
Prime Minister Victoria Spintlum
Legislature Parliament
Upper House Council of Chiefs
Lower House House of Commons
Independence from the United Kingdom
Constitution Act 18 August 1875
Statute of Westminster 11 December 1931
British Columbia Act 27 March 1989
Currency British Columbian Pound (£) (BCP)

British Columbia, officially the Dominion of British Columbia (Nesaikas Illahee in Chinook Wawa, literally Our Land), is a country on the northern west coast of North America. It is one of the seventeen British Commonwealth Realms.