Governor General's Foot Guards
Formed October 1879
Branch British Columbia Army
Part of' Household Division
Size 2 infantry platoons
Regimental HQ Victoria
Abbreviation GGFG
March Milanolio (quick)
Figaro (Slow)
Motto Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense (Evil be to him who evil thinks)
Colonel-in-Chief HM the Queen
Colonel of the RegimentHE the Governor General of BC
Nickname The Bodyguards
Tactical Flash

Part of the British Columbia Household Division, the Governor General's Foot Guards is an infantry regiment comprised of two platoons of infantry. Though primarily ceremonial, the members of the GGFG are fully trained soldiers (infantry) and are responsible for providing security at both the Governor General's residence and at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

Some ranks in the GGFG are different from those in other Army units. Specifically, in the GGFG a Private is called a Guardsman/Guardswoman (Gdsm/Gdsw), a Warrant Officer is a Colour Serjeant (C Sjt) and a Second Lieutenant is an Ensign (Esgn).

History Edit

The GGFG was formed in October 1879 and, together with the Governor General's Horse Guards, is one of the two constituent regiments of the Household Division.

From the start the GGFG has been primarily a ceremonial unit, never having been larger than two platoons in peacetime. However, in both the First and Second World Wars the regiment was expanded to include several battalions, which then went on to serve overseas.

Regimental Alliances Edit