The Royal British Columbia Armoured Corps is the armoured corps within the British Columbia Army, which includes both tank and armoured reconnaissance regiments.

Originally formed as the British Columbia Cavalry Corps in 1909, it became the British Columbia Armoured Corps in 1941 and was subsequently bestowed the "Royal" title by King George VI in 1945.

The RBCAC is comprised of three regiments, the Royal British Columbia Regiment, The British Columbia Dragoons and The Queen's Own British Columbia Hussars. Though the compositions of each has varied over the years, since the 1959 Defence Force rationalisation, each of these is comprised of an active force and a reserve force ("Militia") component, with the 1st and 2nd Battalions being active force, and the 3rd Battalion being Militia. However, in peacetime the 2nd Battalion of each is at nil strength. Only active force battalions are tank battalions; Militia battalions are armoured reconnaissance.

The Armour School is located at Princeton.