Royal British Columbia Regiment
Formed 12 October 1883
Branch British Columbia Army
Part of' Royal British Columbia Armoured Corps
Size 2 battalions
Regimental HQ Vancouver
Abbreviation RBCR
March I'm Ninety-Five (quick)
The Radetzky March (Trot)
Motto Latin: Pro Rege et Patria (For King and Country)
Colonel-in-Chief HRH the Duke of Edinburgh
Nickname The Cavalry
The Royals
Tactical Flash

The Royal British Columbia Regiment is an armoured regiment of the BC Army, and is a unit of the Royal British Columbia Armoured Corps.

The HQ of the Royal BC Regiment is at the Beatty Street Armoury in Vancouver.

Some ranks in the Royal BC Regiment are different from those in other Army units. Specifically, in the RBCR a Private is called a Trooper (Tpr).

History Edit

The Royal British Columbia Regiment originated on 12 October 1883 when the British Columbia Provisional Regiment of Garrison Artillery was formed. It was redesignated as the British Columbia Brigade of Garrison Artillery on 7 May 1886 and as the British Columbia Battalion of Garrison Artillery on 1 January 1893. On 1 August 1899 it was converted to a cavalry regiment and redesignated as the British Columbia Cavalry Regiment, and was bestowed the honour of the "Royal" designation by Queen Victoria on 1 May 1900. The Royal BC Cavalry regiment was finally given its current name in 1941 when it became part of the Royal BC Armoured Corps.

During the Second World War the RBCR was comprised of two tank and one light reconnaissance battalions, but after the 1959 rationalisation, which specified that each regiment of the BC Army would be made up of one active force and one Militia (reserve) battalions, 1st Battalion, as the active force component, remained a tank unit, and 3rd Battalion, which became the Militia component of the unit, remained a recce unit, whereas 2nd Battalion, which had been the other tank unit, was reduced to nil strength.

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Second Boer War Edit

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The Gulf War Edit

1st Battalion RBCR was deployed to Saudi Arabia in September 1990 as part of Operation Hastings, BC's contribution to Operation Desert Storm.

Afghanistan War Edit

Battle Honours Edit

  • South Africa 1899-1900
  • First World War: Ypres 1915, '17; Ypres 1917; Festubert 1915; Mount Sorrel; Somme 1916, '18; Arras 1917, '18; Hill 70; Amiens; Hindenburg Line; Valenciennes; France and Flanders 1915-1918
  • Second World War: Falaise; The Scheldt; Rhineland; North-West Europe 1944-1945
  • Korea 1951-53
  • Operation Hastings 1990-91

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